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A recent industry survey of directors, CEOs, and senior executives found that digital transformation (DT) and ESG compliance is their #1 concern.

Why do some DT & ESG efforts succeed and others fail?

Fundamentally, it’s because most digital technologies provide possibilities for efficiency gains and customer intimacy. But if people lack the right mindset to change and the current organizational practices are flawed, and ESG is overlooked then Digital and ESG – Green will simply magnify those flaws.

Sustainable Transformation Research & Advisory

Partnership Benefits

Decision Support – Partnership introduces you to innumerable customized primary benchmarking opportunities with executives across diverse functional areas. Best-in-class companies share critical performance metrics, best practices and lessons learned from their sphere of influence. Our team of analysts and subject matter experts will aggregate findings and prepare a custom report containing qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as recommendations and implementation guides for you and your team.

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Digital and Green have gone mainstream. The frenetic pace of innovation is creating an assortment of new systems and services that are being integrated into a variety of important business and societal functions, such as commerce, health care, education, manufacturing, and personal interaction. These technologies undergird the nation’s economy and have altered daily life. But for society to benefit fully from these developments, the scale and scope of research must be expanded to address the additional challenges created by them.

4P Consulting’s Research is needed to extend the remarkable advancements in basic digital technologies, and supports the need of expanded research that addresses large-scale systems and social applications of digital and green technology. The maximum benefits, however, accrue only when business processes and systems development go hand in hand, this is achieved with the subscription.

Sustainable Transformation Research & Advisory


Digital, Green and ESG Research provides subscribers with access to research and advice to capitalize on technologies and markets.

Each subscriber designated by the engaging enterprise receives the following Deliverables:

Digital, Green, ESG Research
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Support Action Research

Action research is described as research and/or development directed towards the improvement of processes or systems within organizations. The goal is to reduce or eliminate organizational problems by improving the organization.