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Using Objectivity, Adaptability and Resilience to Build the ‘Fresh Future’.

When enterprises navigate in the new normal, they are faced with ever-evolving customer requirements, leaders are tasked with changing the way business is conducted to build a ‘fresh innovative’ future that’s compliant with statutory mandates. Hence, they must minimize impact on operating procedures, quickly and without interruption.

This has created an unexpected opportunity to re-evaluate and accelerate digital, green and ESG initiatives and revisit the current infrastructure landscape, to meet the future needs.

The diagnostics will bring out what it takes to become digital, ESG ready, remain resilient against challenges, and build for the upcoming future.

And all while bringing customers and partners along for the digital transformation journey.

Consulting - Focus on Digital & Green Transformation

Communication and Authenticity in the ESG World

  • Precursors to communication.
  • How to grab and retain attention.
  • Segmentation strategies & customer selection.
  • Communicating intent.
  • Customising your message.
  • Dealing with feedback & dissent.
  • Educating the customer.
  • Understanding barriers.
  • Changing the playing field.
  • Strategies for innovation & growth.
  • Learning from stakeholders.
  • Crafting your USP.
  • Building on the foundation of your authentic value system.

Creating a Dynamic and Regenerative Enterprise Workshop

Dynamic and Regenerative Enterprise Workshop
Dynamic and Regenerative Enterprise Workshop

The framework has been adapted from the book The Dynamic Enterprise – From Chaos to Strategy, and Strategy to Action. (Jossey Bass, 1998) by Dr. Herman Gyr and Dr. Lisa Friedman. It was created as a simple roadmap or canvas for enabling leaders and teams to quickly gain agreement about the direction of their enterprise – particularly in times of disruption – and determine what actions are required for achieving the intended vision. It’s a way to learn about what challenges and opportunities exist for the business (i.e., the strategy, the offerings, the business model, or core work process, etc.), and as an organization (i.e., how the enterprise is organized to deliver these offerings).

This model has been the foundation to important conversations in hundreds of enterprises: from three-day strategy retreats, to blueprint sessions interwoven with learning experiences during Silicon Valley Immersions. It has enabled groups to identify opportunities and commit to critical new directions, sometimes even leading to dramatic pivots in strategy, and always delivering greater clarity of common purpose that could then be shared with other members of the organization, with other stakeholders, and even with customers.

Dynamic and Regenerative Enterprise Workshop


Dynamic and Regenerative Enterprise Workshop

Sample Workshop Agenda

This is the agenda from a recent 3-day virtual session. It was conducted with 20 participants using Zoom and Miro, and using a mix of large group and small group sessions. It was specifically focused to how to manage through the corona crisis and beyond.

Dynamic and Regenerative Enterprise Workshop

Successful Implementation of The Framework at the following enterprises through the team
Led by Dr. Herman Gyr and Dr. Lisa Friedman

Dynamic and Regenerative Enterprise Workshop
Dr. Herman Gyr

Dr. Herman Gyr

Dr. Lisa Friedma

Dr. Lisa Friedman