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Leading with IT: Lessons from Singapore’s First CIO Hardcover
by Alex Siow (Board Member 4P Consulting) – Feb. 3 2021
Leading with IT: Lessons from Singapore’s First CIO Hardcover by Alex Siow (Board Member Wesan Future Design) – Feb. 3 2021

Explore the insights of a world-leading CIO as he expounds on the challenges faced by technology executives and how to overcome them

As the pace of change in business continues to rapidly accelerate, Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers are often left with accountability for future-proofing their organizations. Renowned professor, executive, and author Alex Siow shows you how you can meet that challenge while managing the information overload that often accompanies these positions.

In Leading with IT: Lessons from Singapore’s First CIO, the author uses his expansive and impressive experience in academia and industry to lead you down a path to achieving success as a CIO or CTO. Filled with practical tips, case studies, and personal insights, the book discusses:

  •   The management of legacy information and telecommunications technology
  •   The information overload often suffered by technology executives
  •   How to motivate and mentor a workforce
  •   How to manage change effectively
  •   The fostering of innovation
  •   The future of money, work, and artificial intelligence

Perfect for CIOs, CTOs, and the executives, managers, and employees who work with and for them, Leading with IT delivers an engaging and insightful exploration of what it takes to achieve astounding results at the intersection of technology and business.

The CIO is a person who uses IT to facilitate and enable a company so that it becomes more competitive, and it becomes more profitable.
– Prof Alex Siow
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