The Next Generation Digital and Green Services Company

We support you in your mission to sense and respond to the signal for sustainable responsible growth and in order to deliver your value promise to your shareholder’s value promise and community.

Our value fueled by our purpose is to be your trusted and relevant Next-Generation Digital and Green Professional Services partner, providing the latest frameworks to capture and respond to signals of the future by applying innovative methodologies that support enterprises’ efforts to build trust and deliver sustained outcomes.

The world is being reshaped by new dynamics, which speaks to three obligations enterprises have to address today.

First is resilience to the major shifts whittling the world in order to continue to deliver shareholder value. Second is the need to support the well-being of the community and build trust which nurtures the local ecosystem.

Finally, to support the development of skills of the future that drive broader ecosystem growth. Quoting from a new Korn Ferry study that finds a global talent crisis could cost nations trillions of dollars in unrealized annual revenues. The talent crunch—an imminent skilled labor shortage of more than 85 million jobs could go unfilled because there aren’t enough skilled people to take them affecting both developed and developing economies— could ultimately shift the global balance of economic power by 2030 if left unaddressed.

Wesan Future Design

Our Model is Simple

we deliver actionable recommendations, solutions that are digitally-led and Human-powered, incorporating collective experiences that deliver measurable tangible results

Services Portfolio

Digital & Green Transformation Consulting

Consulting Services

Perform business needs, gap analysis, capability modeling delivering high-level strategy and roadmap.

Sustainable Transformation Research & Advisory

Research & Advisory Services

Provides subscribers with access to research and advice to address corporate ESG and technology challenges.

Membership Program

Business Storytelling and Authentic Leadership

Business storytelling is about using authentic experiences to drive a point, by gift wrapping facts in context and meaning.

Technology Solution Services

Technology Solution Services

The OOBA ESG Performance Dashboard is a web-based solution driven by deep data management…